cancer patients


We know the current public healthcare system is under immense pressure and in crisis. However, cancer is a time sensitive disease, the sooner a patient receives evidence-based treatment the better the outcome for them. 

The Foundation will partner with private oncology service providers to create capacity and access to quality cancer treatment for uninsured patients. The foundation will also directly fund treatment with curative intent to prevent many avoidable deaths.

continuum of care


The foundation takes a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates services to focus on the patient, and their families. Navigating a cancer journey can be daunting, however the Foundation facilitates access to supporting services and will partner with government, other NGOs and organisations and refer patients and their families for additional services when required. 

This includes support services for transport and accommodation to access treatment and care and referral to services in community including palliative care and counselling.

Skills developement


The inequality in access to care is because 85% of oncologists in SA work in the private sector, treating the lucky 15% who can afford medical insurance. However, cancer does not discriminate, and most of our population is reliant on the public sector which is sadly understaffed. 

In the long term, the Foundation aims to grow the pool of oncology healthcare practitioners to ensure better access to care for more patients.

Cancel the Cancer Crisis