We are a non-profit directly addressing
the cancer crisis in South Africa.


The Cancer Crisis

The cancer crisis in South Africa has become insurmountable, where access to cancer treatment and care is disproportionately associated with socio-economic status, access to health insurance, and geographic location. With high costs, treatment is unaffordable for the majority of South Africans. The situation is made worse by long waiting lists, inadequate human resources and infrastructure weaknesses.

The Johnson Rose Cancer Foundation is the first of its kind in Southern Africa, providing much-needed funding and assistance to uninsured patients and families afflicted by cancer.


Funding radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment for uninsured cancer patients that are not able to fund their own treatment.


Supporting cancer patients and their families through the continuum of care including referral for supportive, rehabilitative, and palliative care services.


Providing bursaries to registrar oncologists and other oncology health professionals.

The 85% of the uninsured population are serviced by only 15% of the oncologists in the state sector, while 85% of the oncologists are currently in the private sector, servicing only 15% of the insured population.
Cancel the Cancer Crisis